Jan 04 2008

OMGC Regalia (old)

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Regalia items for the Ottawa MG Club are available to order and purchase. Items include such things as Cotton T-shirts, Cotton V-neck shirts, Golf shirts, short sleeve & long sleeve dress shirts, baseball caps, toques, pullover and zipper hoodies, lightweight & softshell & fleece jackets. Each item includes the Club Logo in the price. Personalized embroidering (with various font choices) on the sleeve is available at a small extra cost.

Here is how you can order Regalia items

Click the link below to connect to a handy Order Form in PDF format.


Print the form, write your order and send your form to the Regalia Director

Payments for items can be made via:

banking e-Transfers (preferred method) - send banking email to regaliapayments@omgc.info


Paypal - send Paypal payment to regaliapayments@omgc.info


Items ordered can be picked up at the next Club meeting, if the order is made in sufficient time.

To check availability of any in-stock items, please contact the Regalia Director at regalia@omgc.info.
Here are many of the items on the Order Form and links to the suppliers image of the product:

Ball Caps

$18 FP461: Fersten brushed cotton baseball hat: https://www.fersten.com/product/FP461
......>currently in stock: 2 black and 1 white
$21 1B270M: AJM poly ripstop light-weight & vented hat: https://www.ajmintl.com/product/1B270M
------>currently in stock: 3 black and 2 red

Winter Hats

$21 9L594L: AJM ladies fur pompom toque: https://www.ajmintl.com/product/9L594L
$21 1R230L: AJM ladies beanie toque: https://www.ajmintl.com/product/1R230L
$18 9Z590M: AJM men’s cuff toque: https://www.ajmintl.com/product/9Z590M
$18 1J030M: AJM men’s microfleece lined toque: https://www.ajmintl.com/product/1J030M
------>currently in stock: 4 black and 1 red


S-XL $36 2X $41 18500: Gildan Adult pullover hoodie: https://en-ca.ssactivewear.com/p/gildan/18500
XS-5X $42 MQK00108: Clique Adult 1/2 zip sweatshirt: https://www.cbcorporate.com/ca/collections/productwmt.asp?mat=MQK00108ANM&logo=&ct=

Fleece Jackets

S-3X $68 18117: Trimark Okapi bonded fleece (men’s cut): https://trimarksportswear.com/cgi-bin/triweb/site.w?location=b2c/product-single.w&product=18117&frames=no&target=main&sponsor=000100
XS-3X $68 98117: Trimark Okapi bonded fleece (ladies cut): https://trimarksportswear.com/cgi-bin/triweb/site.w?location=b2c/product-single.w&product=98117&frames=no&target=main&sponsor=000100


S-3X $72 12604: Trimark Flint lightweight jacket (men’s cut): https://www.trimarksportswear.com/cgi-bin/triweb/site.w?location=b2c/product-single.w&product=12604&frames=no&target=main&sponsor=000100
XS-3X $72 96204: Trimark Flint lightweight jacket (ladies cut): https://www.trimarksportswear.com/cgi-bin/triweb/site.w?location=b2c/product-single.w&product=92604&frames=no&target=main&sponsor=000100


Softshell Jackets

S-5X $74 88184: Core 365 men’s softshell jacket: https://www.alphabroder.ca/product/88184/core-365-mens-cruise-two-layer-fleece-bonded-softshell-jacket.html?color=9k
XS-3X $74 78184: Core 365 ladies softshell jacket: https://www.alphabroder.ca/product/78184/core-365-ladies-cruise-two-layer-fleece-bonded-softshell-jacket.html?color=9k

Easy Care Cotton/Polyester Dress Shirts

  S-5X $51 17745: Men’s short sleeve: https://trimarksportswear.com/cgi-bin/triweb/site.w?location=b2c/product-single.w&product=17745&frames=no&target=main&sponsor=000100
S-5X $52 17744: Men’s long sleeve: https://trimarksportswear.com/product/17744/m-wilshire-ls-shirt.html
XS-3X $51 97745: Ladies short sleeve: https://trimarksportswear.com/cgi-bin/triweb/site.w?location=b2c/product-single.w&product=97745&frames=no&target=main&sponsor=000100
  XS-3X $52 97744: Ladies long sleeve: https://trimarksportswear.com/product/97744/w-wilshire-ls-shirt.html

Golf Shirts

XS-3X $31 78181: Ladies: https://www.alphabroder.ca/product/78181/core-365-ladies-origin-performance-piqu-polo.html?color=9k
XS-5X $31 88181: Mens

 Cotton T-shirts

S-XL $17 XXL $21 2000: Men's T-Shirt (round neck) Gildan: https://media.sanmarcanada.com/pdfs/GILDAN_2000.pdf
XS-XL $26 XXL $28 ATC8001L: Ladies cotton V-neck Tshirt: https://media.sanmarcanada.com/pdfs/ATC8001L.pdf


Other OMGC Regalia Items Check with the Regalia Director if interested in these items:

OMGC Logo Sew-On Crest [ $10.75 incl tax ]

currently 0 in stock [ orders now being taken ]


OMGC Logo Lapel/Hat Pin [ $10 ]

currently a few remain in stock


OMGC Logo Magnetic Sign [ $18 ]

currently 0 in stock

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