Jun 07 2020

MGB Lamp Upgrades – Michael Cooke – 1973 MGB

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MGB Lamp Upgrades - Michael Cooke - 1973 MGB
[ with followup notes about the Fuel Pump situation you'll see somewhere in Phase 1-4 ]

The Phase 1 document on upgrading my 1973 MGB lamps concentrated on putting LED bulbs in interior and exterior lamps but not the headlamps.


The Phase 2 document deals with upgrading the headlamps.
As part of the research on this I have been in regular and intense contact/tussles with Daniel Stern, an acknowledged guru on car lighting, known to most who reside on the MG Experience blog. We discussed the ‘LED in headlamps’ issue and he also critiqued the work I had done and reported on in Phase 1.


The Phase 3 document provides some useful tidbits for you if you move toward installing LEDs in headlamps.


The Phase 4 document discovers some anomalies in the wiring harness and associated remedial action.


Now, a Phase 5 document to provide an overview of the FUEL PUMP next step out of the LED Project:

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