Feb 28 2021

Some Information About A New Delivery Service called PUDO

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Have You Heard Of: PUDO?

It stands for Pick-Up Drop-Off.
Run by: PUDO Inc. 6600 Goreway Drive Unit D, Mississauga ON L4V 1S6

The company CEO (Frank Coccia) says:
"We are pleased to announce that effective March 01, 2021, our new KINEK-US cross-border service will be exclusively available to you. For $18.50* you can have your US purchases of up to 20 lbs delivered to one of our Canadian PUDOpoint Counters locations near to where you live or work. This Member Exclusive rate includes customs clearance! (*Does not include any applicable Duties and Taxes) Through our Member PAGO program (Pay as you Go) you can continue to make purchases from US retailers and use our US address as your 'ship to' address. Once your shipment arrives, we will clear it through customs and deliver your shipment to any one of our available Canadian PUDOpoint Counter locations that you’ve chosen that is near to where you live or work. All for CAD $18.50! (plus any applicable taxes and duties) Complete instructions on how the service works will available March 1st. This new service is effective for parcels ordered after March 1, 2021. Therefore, please note, this new service will not apply to any current parcels at a KinekPoint location."

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about this service:
1. Where is the closest depot to Ogdensburg NY?
We recommend visiting https://pudopoint.com/en/map and use your Postal Code to identify the PUDOPoint Counters location closest to your preferred home or work address.

2. Do people have to sign up for Kinek first?
​A Member account must be created by visiting www.pudopoint.com/en/member-agreement in order to access the program.

3. The delivery charges, are they in addition to the fees charged at the local Kinek location?
This is an All-In Flat Fee for items weighing less than 20lbs - it includes customs fees but not local duties or taxes (rates are subject to change)

4. I have a number of interested individuals that want to sign up, does this service also apply to the general public or do you have to be a business?
This service also applies to the general public, no need to be a business customer.

Further details will be available on March 1st, 2021.

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