Nov 15 2020

Technical Guides

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--> Decoding the MGB VIN Number (from The MG Experience)

--> Sticky Accelerator Cable Fix MGB (Michael Cooke)

-> Tune Up Gone Wrong Due To Missed Steps (Peter Sanderson)

-> MG-TD Midget Road Test and Specifications (The Motor)

-> MGB Overdrive 3rd-4th Gear Switch Project (John Baldwin)

-> MG Tune-Up Guide Sheets (John Twist)

-> MGB Lamp Upgrades (Michael Cooke)

-> Wiring Schematics (AutoWire & Prospero Garage)

-> MGB Seat Restoration (Michael Cooke)

-> Two-Speed Heater Motor Upgrade (MGOC Spares)

-> Rust Prevention: Overview (John Mulroy)

-> Horn Conversion To Relay (Michael Cooke)

-> Rust Prevention: MGBs (Don Barr)

-> 1973 MGB Heater Box Refurb (Michael Cooke)

-> Ethanol Free Gasoline

-> Fixing Non-Self-Cancelling Indicators (Michael Cooke)

-> Car Lifts (Andrew McCue / Peter Adamovits)

-> MGB Differential Clunk Remediation (Michael Cooke)

-> MGB Installing/Re-Installing The Speedometer (Michael Cooke)

-> MGB Installing Dual Hood Strut Kit Moss Motors (Edmonton Classic Sports Car Club)

-> Roadside Repair Booklets (OMGC & NEMGTR)

-> MG Tech Tips! A link to the Chicagoland MG Club website, with a huge number of Technical Tips for MGs in general, as well as MGA, MGB, MG Midget, MGT and MMM specific vehicle tips.

-> Bleed Your Brakes: Haines; Popular Mechanics; Hagerty; The Brake Shop

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