Apr 03 2021

Renew Your Membership In The Ottawa MG Club

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New members can join the club by viewing the Join Us information tab. The current New Member cost is $50.
Former members ( memberships lapsed for more than 1 year) can renew for $40.
Current members in good standing can renew their membership for $40, however.....
if payment is made during the renewal period (March 1st to May 31st), then a discounted amount of only $35 is required.

Click here to send an e-mail note to the Membership Director.
For current members:
There are two ways in which you can pay your membership renewal electronically - PayPal and Interac e-Transfer. [ Credit Cards are NOT accepted at this time ]
The best way to renew your membership is by PayPal.
Go to the Ottawa MG Club web site and login to renew your membership via PayPal.

Alternately, send an email to status@omgc.info and you'll receive an automated reply containing a link to pay via PayPal. The automated reply takes several minutes to respond - so be patient..... the response will come.
For Interac e-Transfer, just direct your banking software to send your payment to payments@omgc.info where it will be auto-deposited.
The Membership Director will NOT be accepting cheques or cash or credit card payments.
Those not able to use electronic forms of payments may request an alternate method by sending a note to treasurer@omgc.info

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