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Nov 22 2023

5 MGB GTs will be shipped from the UK

May 1, 2024
10:00 amto12:00 pm

5 MGB GTs will be shipped from the UK

In May (2024), 5 MGB GTs will be shipped from the UK to Halifax to spend 90 days transversing Canada.
(4 MGB GTs from Australia and 1 MGB GT from the UK).
They are being shipped to Halifax and then driving to Vancouver over the next 80 days.
Driving from Montreal to Ottawa on the 30th of June
It would be good to meet up with as many Canadian MG enthusiasts/clubs as possible.
On the 1st of July they head to Huntsville for 1 night and then 2 nights at Parry Sound.
On the drive from Montreal to Ottawa, they are traveling via Mont Tremblant.
The drivers are all members of the MG Car Club of Victoria (AU) and some, the MG Car Club UK as well.
Should be in the Toronto area around late June.
Plans are being made to have the OMGC folks meet these travelers for some sort of gathering.

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Nov 07 2023

Indicator and hi-beam lamps self testing

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Does anybody in OMGC have any ideas why the following is happening on my 1973 MGB?

Car has overdrive available on 3rd and 4th gears when the O/D switch is ON.
All lamp bulbs have been converted to LED with exception of alternator indicator and headlamps.
Overdrive being active involves 2 switches both being ON simultaneously. They are both in the Yellow wire circuit and permit the O/D solenoid to become active.
When this activation is stopped (O/D off and/or out of 3/4 gears) the solenoid deactivates.

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