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Parts For MGs

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Prem Sookdeo at Redshaw Autocare - 25 Hawthorne Avenue, Ottawa 613-235-8342
Note: Prem has retired from operating the business at the Hawthorne Avenue location. He does do 'housecalls' for folks that need his services. Just call him at the number above.

Chris Hollum (new & used parts) - 562 Orly Ave, Dorval, Quebec 514-631-2111 Fax 514-631-2115
(Orly Ave is south of Dorval Airport and just off of Cote De Liesse)
[ business now closed – November 2021 ]
Steve Williams has taken take over the company and moving it to a new location in Huntington QC
He can be reached at 514-912-5061 , e-mail

Orville Baptiste (electrical parts) - Mobile Power Technology 949 Gladstone Ave Ottawa 728-3861
Orville not only has parts... but also fixes starters, alternators, etc. Got to get to him before he retires though.

Victoria British Ltd (parts & catalogue) 1-800-255-0088

OBSOLETE Automotive, Point Edward Ontario. 1-800-265-7437

The Roadster Factory
Their motto: The World's Greatest British Sports Car Company

NEMAC Distributing Ltd 550 William Graham Drive unit 103, Aurora, Ontario L4G 3H9 1-800-668-7522 or 905-898-5188

Benson Auto Parts (Bells Corners) OMGC discount code 32-1490

Canadian Tire (Kemptville)
10 % discount on Parts & Goods in the Automotive Department
[Speak to Parts Manager, Claude, and identify OMGC]
Pieces Robert Anglaises
Address: 2969 Rue Bergman, Laval, QC H7L 5B2
Phone: (450) 687-6840

Brit-Tek 603-463-3727
From Roger White:
I've had a positive experience with the Petronix kit on my '79 and also with conversion of the Stromberg carb to twin SUs
From Michael Turnbull:
I drive a 76 B that I bought in 1976. The first thing I did back then was take out the old Stromberg and replace it with twin SU's from an early 60's B. Last Spring, I had had enough of tempermental carbs and bought the duel port downdraft Weber from Brit-tek. Twas truly a wonderful move. I installed the carb with the assistance of a friend from the Porche club and was truly blest. Last fall I burnt my ignition, right down to the key pod. I replaced it with the recommended Ultimate system from Brit-Tek, including new wires and was very pleased although I had to put the car to bed for the winter right away so I have no long term results. I can say that I trust Brit-Tek as I have done a complete restoration of my B over the last three years and they came through like champs, and you can tell them I told you so.

British Auto Sport. Troy, Ontario L0R 2B0 Toll Free 1-888-485 2277 (Fred McCutcheon)

Octagon Motors in Vancouver. 1-800-459-0251.

Drakes British Motors in Kelowna BC. 250-763-0883. [Scott is the mechanic in the family business. They come highly recommended.] The Drakes have weekly orders to Moss Motors. They cover the shipping to Kelona BC. Client pays the domestic shipping to Ottawa and no PST. They are an authorised Moss distributor.


A large order directly from Moss Motors or Victoria British can be shipped to:
Rothel Parcel Service
1801 Ford Street
Ogdensburg, NY 13669-1845
Pick it up yourself, no broker, pay the tax at customs.

Britannia Parts and Conversions Corporation
242 Saint Raphael
Ile Bizard, Quebec
H9E 1S2

I talked to these guys a couple of years ago about their 5 Speed gearbox conversion for a 'B'
Quite impressive, and in my opinion a much better way to go compared with fitting a BMC overdrive gearbox of dubious origin.
Mike Daniels.

LMA brake fluid - Low Moisture Activity Brake Fluid
I found 4 pints of Castrol GT LMA at the Orleans Canadian Auto Parts Supplies (CAPS) outlet in the Taylor Creek industrial park at Trim Rd and the 174 at less than $4 per pint.
Bob Zelmer

Richard Copple at Long Run Imports has all the Churchill tools.
John Smiley

MGA Oil Pressure Gauge Washers
Who would have guessed? To connect the oil pressure line to the oil pressure gauge, one needs a leather washer. I'm not making this up. Luckily, my daughter Laura who works with leather made me one. Problem solved.
Then, she made me about 20 more. So, if anyone is in need of a leather washer, I'm your man.
Stuart Langford
note from Geoff Dix - the same washer also applies to the MGB!

I need to replace my cracked windshield. Looked at all the usual sources: Moss, V&B, Roadster Factory and Obsolete Auto.
Prices all exceeded 200.00 plus shipping equal to greater than the price of the glass, plus boarder costs from the US.
Apple Auto Glass can order them, 175.00 plus tax not installed. They have a slight green tint.
Norm Peacey

Quality Of Parts From Penninsula Imports, Oakville
(entered into this database in August 2011)
Len, This is a problem OMGC members should be aware of, perhaps a note would help.
When I first got the B in 2002 and before I really knew where to get help from OMGC I bought a lot of parts from Penninsula Imports in Oakville. Yesterday while replacing the poly bushings in my front suspension with rubber, I found some serious problems with the quality of brake parts purchased from the above supplier. This is not the first quality issue but it is the most serious.
In 2002 I replaced all the brake lines and rubber seals in the brake system when commissioning the B back into service. The OEM parts I replaced had some rust on the lines and the rubber was dry from having sat for years with no fluid in the system, this was not unexpected. The brake lines I replaced in 2002 are now so rusted... they break in my hands. The seals in the callipers and drums are cracked and starting to leak.
When I contacted Penninsula about the problem they basically used the old "Buyer Beware" line. My original bills show I paid nearly $300 for these parts and am now going to have to do it again. The implications of poor quality brake parts is a great concern, especially now that we have upped the power in the B.
I would like to caution OMGC members about the quality of parts from this supplier and their attitude to customers.
Hope this saves someone else from having these issues.
Norm Peacey
And a follow-up entry:
I have contacted Transport Canada Road Safety and they have picked up my parts for analysis and action. I suggest other than making folks aware of potential quality issues of critical safety component parts sourced from offshore we not get into who got what from where. According to the Transport Canada lady that was here, Chinese rubber has a very high clay content which reduces quality and life expectancy significantly. Their steel has a much higher iron content than our standards which causes premature failure due to rust. Transport Canada are preparing a case to enforce North American quality standards for these products much as they did for the lead content in paint used on children's toys. I guess the long and short is when ordering parts, find out where they originate from and if it came from China..... shop for another source.
Norm Peacey


Quantum Mechanics in Connecticut:
A note from Paul Williams – January 2015
Last September I ordered a five-speed conversion for my MGA from Quantum Mechanics in Connecticut. The owner, John Esposito, took a 50-percent deposit and promised delivery in 4-6 weeks. Mr. Esposito sells rebuilt transmissions and five-speed kits for many British cars.
My experience was that initially Mr. Esposito was pleasant and helpful, but after processing the deposit, he stopped answering calls and stopped responding to emails. Ultimately, after nearly three months, I got Visa to intervene and managed to get my deposit back. However, I now learn that numerous MG owners are having difficulty with Quantum Mechanics (there’s a long thread on the MG Experience website at,2739745. So I’m writing to let club members know that they should beware of Quantum Mechanics. I’d recommend staying well clear of this company.
[reviewed by Len Fortin]


Replacement Wheel Studs For MGB For Racing Rear Wheel Conversion
from club member Wally Clemens
'New for 2011' 50mm long (smidgen under 2") 1/2" unf studs for the Chrysler Jeep, but indicated to be suitable for MGB.
Wheel Studs, Press-In, 12mm x 1.5 x 2 1/2 in., Right Hand Thread, .505 in. Knurl, Set of 10
These can be pushed into the hubs; only thing is that they are metric threads, so metric lug bolts would have to be sourced.
Project: Installing an aftermarket set of American Racing Wheels on my 1972 MGB, but I need longer wheels studs because I am going to have to run a spacer in order for them to fit right. The rear studs now are 1.625 long with a .510 knurl, the fronts are 1.400 long with a .510 knurl. Threads are 1/2-20.

Wheels stud that fit perfectly in the holes in the MGB hubs & has an additional inch of threaded stud is at Summit Racing (1-800-230-3030)...they are part # ARP-100-7708...they come 5 to a set for $11.95.....they're for a late model GM, enough to do an MGB with 4 left over is $47.80.

Here's the catch: the studs are you have to change your wheel lugs from what came with the Rostyle to a metric lug. That appears not to be a problem as an aftermarket wheel company here in town said they could match my setup...all I need to do is take one of my hubs with the studs pressed into it and one of my wheels to them & they'll provide the lugs.....remember, an MG is lug-centric."

NOTE: In both cases an electrical spot weld was placed on the head of the lug stud just to be extra sure. It is claimed that chipping off the electrical spot weld enables the lug to be pressed out again.

The two above lugs are very close to the .510 knurl required for our MGBs and therefore the suggestion on the Electrical spot weld.

Summit Racing has lugs that offer the proper imperial thread but the MGB hub would have to be drilled out to accept the larger Knurl. West Carlton Motors has a machine shop which can drill and replace the larger knurl studs/lugs.

MGB Floor Pans
In case anyone is rebuilding a B or Just needs to replace the floors. I just got this set. They are made in southern Ontario and are 10 thou over spec (thickness). They are also made from no rust metal so even if you left them outside they will not rust! They can also be primed and painted of course. If there are any members interested in this product tell them to give me a call. I can also get rockers in the same material. Cheers. Bob Corral 613-797-6179
Parts Supplier in Aurora Ontario
The company is NEMAC Distributing Ltd. I had a chat with owner Yvonne Nesling who has been in the business for many years selling wholesale and has recently branched out into the retail sector. She imports MG parts directly from the UK using the same manufacturers as Moss and Vic Brit and has competitive prices. When ordering use either Moss or OEM part numbers. Parts are shipped utilizing the most economical method depending on size and weight. Pick up is welcome either at the office in Aurora or the warehouse in Pickering.
Contact info :
NEMAC Distributing Ltd,
550 William Graham Drive 103,
Aurora, Ontario L4G3H9. 1-800-668-7522 or 905-898-5188
Here is a short list of additional parts suppliers from club member Bruce Doran-Veevers:
British Parts Suppliers

name telephone e-mail

British Miles 215 736 3089
9278 Old East Tyburn Rd.
Morrisville ,Pa 19067

Spit Bits 916 434 0645
3280 Gladding Rd
Lincoln,Ca. 95648

Rogers Motors 413 259 1722
P.O.Box 603
Shutesbury ,MA 01072

TS Imported Automotive 1 800 543 6648
108S Jefferson St.
Pandora ,Ohio 45877

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