Dec 25 2012

Appraisals For MGs

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Grampas Garage

Rays Automotive Appraisals

from club member Len Mayor (April, 2019):
Just a follow up as promised on the appraisal on my MGA for the VIN # correction. I used Ray in Navan to take a look at my car. He was easy to speak with and made an appointment at my convenience to come and look at my MGA. I really only spent 10-15 minutes with me as he only looked at the VIN tag on my car and took particulars on the mistake on my ownership. As promised he sent me a document with the correction stated. He charged me $50 for his service. When I brought the document into the license bureau there were concerns about the / (slash) in the VIN # as apparently they can’t put these on the ownership document. After a phone call by the license bureau to the Ministry of Transportation they agreed to print me a new ownership correct but without the slash on the document. So, there you go; at least now I have an ownership document with the correct VIN # on it.

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