Dec 23 2012

POR 15

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OMGC members who use POR 15 Rust Preventative Paint can purchase it in Ottawa at:
MALMBERG Truck Trailer Equipment Ltd.
1621 Michael St.Ottawa
A quart costs $46 plus taxes.
They also stock "Metal Ready" and "Marine Clean" which are also used with POR 15.

Using POR 15 and POR Patch
If rust perforation holes prove to be small, a liberal application of oil inside will stop the rust and POR 15 makes a patching compound which hardens like metal. Rob Staruch (Miniman), replaced a section of the crossmember on my B a number of years ago and did a super job. If the holes aren't that big upon inspection, there is a product called POR Patch, made by POR 15 which could do the job, after using the holes to thoroughly rust proof the inside with oil or Waxoyl.

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