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Information About Local Machine Shops

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Bob Verner
3344 Rideau Road
Building D, Door 31
Gloucester, Ontario

Brian Miller:
Bob comes highly recommended by the owner of the Navan and Orleans Auto-Pro garages. They use him for all their machine work. Bob tells me that he does not grind crankshafts but does everything else that an MG engine could require. He has an arrangement with a shop in Montreal to grind cranks when necessary. He also stated that he is very familiar with LBC engines.

Hewitt Automotive Machine
2407 Lynn Road
Brockville ON
K6V 5T3
(613) 342-3783
Daryl Wade:
Paul the owner is also an MGB enthusiast.
Competency, along with an understanding of British motorcars.

2120 Kinburn Side Road, Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0
613 832-2120

Norm Peacey:
"After problems with Engines Extra in Bells Corners, (they force fit an oversized valve guide which cracked the head) I have used West Carleton Automotive very successfully. While they specialize in high performance V8s, they also do a lot of MG engines for someone in Toronto. The shop is immaculate, you could eat off the floor, and his equipment is very up to date. By no means the cheapest place in Ottawa and certainly not the most expensive but, in my opinion, one of the best."

JP Lacroix:
"I went through this same exercise in the fall of 2006. After all my research was completed, my 1st choice for machine shop work for my 5 main bearing MGB engine was Larry at West Carleton Automotive. His machine shop was singled out for both the quality of their work, and the fact that he's intimately familiar with all the nuances of our little British engines. The only downside is that his shop is a victim of it's own success...he's so busy building race engines that he had a waiting list of almost 9 months before he could commit to completing the work I wanted done. So I asked him if there was any other machine shop in the greater Ottawa area that he would recommend. The only shop he would recommend is a small shop called Actek. They did top quality work for me. Everything was completed on time, and at a price which I deemed fair and reasonable for the work. Whether you can get Larry at West Carleton, or the guys at Actek I think you'll be satisfied with the quality of their work. While I personally had good success 14 years ago with Bells Corners Automotive machine shop when I rebuilt the straight six out of my 73 TR6, I've heard there's been some quality control issues in recent years, so I'm reluctant to recommend them."

D & D Performance
229 Main N, Chesterville, ON K0C 1H0

D & D Performance

Doug McClure:
"I would highly recommend D&D machine shop near Winchester. It will cost you $3,000 or less to rebuild based on Dave Martineau's recent experience with them. They replaced all valves, pistons, cams etc. Sent it home all painted on a specially made cradle, with a specially made lifting hook so you don't take the valve cover off, or use head studs. The only thing they send out is the crank. They tend to build high perf engines and carry the same professionalism over to MG engines."

Dave Martineau:
"I have recently had the engine in my MGB rebuilt by D&D Performance in Chesterville. They are great guys, top-notch machine shop and talent. They kept me fully informed throughout the entire rebuild and best of all kept their original quote. They also have a dyno facility. The contact is Rolly."

Actek Automotive
John Boyd (owner)
1050 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3C5
(entrance off Breezehill Avenue)

Karl Leclerc:
"I use ACTEK Automotive Machine Shop. Ask for John Boyd. He is well versed in MGB and MGA engines."

Ross Meadowcroft:
Last Fall you recommended a couple of machine shops that would rework my MGB engine. Took it to ACTEK. They did a great job – friendly and full of advice and help.
I recommend them if anyone is doing the same.

Len Fortin:
The head from my '77 B was reviewed by these chaps. Found no significant issues. Grind the valves and seats. Reface the cylinder head. Suggested I use a top quality head gasket for reinstallation. They were honest and didn't try to "up-sell" me for more work than was necessary.

NOTE: September 2016:

This shop is closing operations. Owner is retiring. Machinery being sold.
John Boyd informed me that while is closing up Acktek, he has accepted a position at West Carleton working with Larry and Vern.


Engines Extra
(a member of the Bensons Auto Parts Company)
34 Stafford Road East, Bells Corners
Nepean, Ontario
K2H 8W1

Rob Grapes:
"I had my V8 heads rebuilt by the guys at Engines Extra in Bells Corners and was pleased with their speed and communication with me."

Len Fortin:
"I have had good experiences with Engines Extra. The '73 MGB engine. The '60 MGA engine. And the '77 MGB head."

Hamilton Machine Shop
164 Antrim St. Carleton Place, Ontario 613-257-5078 John Hamilton (proprietor)

Bruce Doran-Veevers

Contact me if you want information about this shop. I can confirm their good work.

Scotties Engines
current location not known; see notes below:

Gerry Neville:
"A few years ago I had my engine done by Scottie's Engines. He closed shop a while back but retained his equipment and from what I hear he does work at home. His work is the best! Check with Mike Daniels as he has been in contact with Scottie."

Robert Duquette:
"Scotty started mine. Then he gave me back the pieces. Hopefully “all” of them … and said that he’d take them back in the spring. That didn’t happen. I was starting to think about bundling it all up and sending it to APT ( )"

Nic Maennling:
“July 2, 2012 - WITHOUT PREJUDICE.
Hi Len,
I thought I would bring you up to date with my 1950 MG-TD.
I've just been through a very difficult episode getting my engine re-built by Scotty Paine. He took 6 years to do my engine only - no work on the head ! Firm promises of completion and delivery occurred within the first year!
I got his name from club members and, to be fair, I was warned that he is somewhat disorganized - this is the understatement of the year ! He has no clue about project management or time ! I am telling you this because other members may be tempted to get him to do some work which would be a shame. If you need any details I can provide them.
My life has changed dramatically (long story and not relevant here) and I have since sold my TD and everything else that went with it.
Please do whatever is in your power to prevent members from using Scot to do any work.
Do drop in if ever you are out this way.
Nic Maennling
OMGCC member
PO Box 110
85 Clarence St.
Lanark ON K0G 1K0
tel 1-613-259-2548

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